A Message from Chairman !!!

Respectable Senior, Junior Staff Members of KEPEA!

27 years has passed since our association had registered as environmental branch committee of KPEA and 4 years has passed
as of this year since it was registered at Ministry of Environment in the capacity of a corporation.
During those times, I was called upon to undertake an important mission of 2'nd chairmanship as a result of participating
in our association activities with my own personal concern and interest.

I believe that those candidates who participated in election campaign for chairmanship together with me or other persons
who have different opinions would exert their respective best for the development of our association.
Some people around me used to say that "why are you trying to take the trouble of undertaking chairmanship at your old age"
but I had come to arrive at a hard decision under my personal conviction that "Something new, invigorated start is required
for our association" as a professional group now having as much as 1000 members in 6 kind of environmental engineering fields.
Therefore, all the staff members including myself are going to realize the followings based on our established future goal of
"Aiming at a Goal of Environmental Advancement by leading Green Technology".

First over all, I will exert my strenuous effort for enhancing the status of our association at domestic and abroad.
- We will try to contribute to "Green Growth of Low Carbon", a national policy, through positive participation in relevant domestic institutions including National Assembly Environmental Forum, Environmental Dispute Arbitration Committee and Environmental Policy Committee of Ministry of Environment and domestic NGO organizations.
- In addition, taking this year as the first year of globalization, we will show our unusual interest in global environmental issues
such as global warming by inviting prestigious overseas lecturers in basic and professional education for the environmental
engineers through mutual exchange with relevant institutions of Korea, China and Japan or participating in international forum.
- Furthermore, we will recommend business difficulties by having a regular meeting with the Minister of Ministry of Environment at the start of every new year.
- In order to eliminate environmental complaints as a way of voluntary service to the general public, we will utilize our website

Second, I will improve existing management systems of KEPEA.
- First of all, incomplete detailed rules will be rearranged based on the regulation of the article, financial source for budget securing will be developed and secured budge will be executed as activity cost required for maximizing the benefit of KEPEA.
- By utilizing secured technical manpower DB of KEPEA, an opportunity of participating in lectures will be extensively provided
to the government authorities concerned and public institutions that need our assistance through publicity.
-I will exert my effort for developing technical service that does not contradict with that of academic circles or relevant institutions and matches with our technical level and creating its base.

Third, I will focus on unity of KEPEA.
- A gathering of friendship organization will be arranged at least 1 time a year.
- By arranging quarterly meeting with veteran engineers, we will seek for advice from them for our imminent issues.
- By increasing subsidies support for alpine club or golf club to maximum, an opportunity of strengthening friendship will be provided so that a lot of people may participate in those club activities without any burden.
- By joining in sad or happy occasions of individual members, self-respect as a member will be enhanced and dutiful service
of each member will be returned and rewarded to the full.


Finally, KEPEA that starts a new inauguration as 2'nd corporation hereby make a resolution of exerting respective best for the
protection of each member's individual right under the joined forces of 20 number of staff members including myself!

Dear Staff Members of KEPEA!
I wish your everlasting health and prosperity than forever.